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Door and window finished today


awww yeah going to do another high fire!!! =D


i staggered the shelves to see if i can get more even heat distribution for the top and bottom

There is also the idea that graffiti is the ultimate expression of artistic democracy; no gallery hierarchy to grovel to, no merchandising hustle; indeed, the absence of monetary gain being considered evidence of sincere artistic exercise. Along those lines of democratic expression is the feeling that all of the advertising in the face of the public is the true blight.

—Graffiti L.A.

(Source: ceramicgraffiti)



I spent some time in the little village of Guaitl, Costa Rica today.

The whole village participates in the production of these special pieces of pre-Columbian pottery, some extracting and carrying the raw materials, some working them by hand into the necessary textures, others making pieces on the wheels, others still decorating the beautiful artwork.


This link has a nice description of the process:

photos by Lloyd Record


wow thats awesome

Set up at a new venue , created by some folks in Cottonwood AZ , Main Stage. Live music, art gallery and vendors . They are giving my wife and I a spot ,(free) to display and sell some of our work. A cool attempt to create community in the area . Sold a few pieces , I hope this venue catches on for first Friday artsy entertainment


The second and third chambers of the wood kiln #penland #ceramics #art #pottery #woodkiln


The second and third chambers of the wood kiln #penland #ceramics #art #pottery #woodkiln